Clear your party space of any furniture you won’t be using for the party.  Small love seats or tables can be temporarily moved to a bedroom to make more room for guests. The key is to have group seating and numerous areas of open space to maximize mingling.

Add fresh flowers. There is nothing better than a vase of fresh flowers. Stick with a monochromatic arrangement. Get creative with household items such as jars, cans or pitchers for your next soiree. A can of gold spray paint can turn any old jar or pitcher into gorgeous and eye-catching vessel.

Let your menu become the inspiration for your décor. Fill a glass hurricane with bright yellow lemons or use a bunch of rosemary as part of your centerpiece. Seasonal produce always adds color and interest to any tablescape.

Lighting plays an important roll in the overall atmosphere and setting the mood. Stick with soft lighting and plenty of unscented candles near the food. Have an amazing smelling candle? Put it in the bathroom along with a small flower arrangement.

Create a playlist ahead of time. Start with mellow tunes that won’t hinder conversation, but don’t forget the upbeat tunes for the late-night dancers! We recommend creating a few different playlists that you can shuffle between depending on the party’s energy. Not sure what to play? Turn to Spotify or Pandora to come up with the perfect selection for you.

Keep food simple —Put together a menu that’s both delicious and low maintenance. Avoid foods that must be served straight out of the oven and instead go for items that are equally as delicious at room temperature. We love to incorporate store bought items along with our homemade selections, so you’re not slaving away in the kitchen all night!

Start your party with a large cheese & charcuterie plate. Grapes, olives, crackers, crusty bread and dried fruit will round out the perfect platter to keep your guests noshing while you are putting the finishing touches on the remaining bites.

Plan on serving food and drinks at opposite ends of your space - Guests tend to linger near the bar so spread out the two areas and you will create a much better flow throughout your party space and avoid the dreaded bottle neck! We also encourage passing hors d’eouvres so your guests circulate.

Serve buffet style — Don’t have a dining room big enough for 20? No problem! Set your food out buffet style and you won’t have to worry about having enough space to seat every guest around a table.  

Whether it’s a roasted shrimp cocktail, spicy beef meatball or seasonal fruit medley, everything is better on a stick! Pre-skewer everything ahead of time and simply platter before guests arrive. Our ultra chic chevron cocktail party forks make the perfect skewer!

We offer a self-serve bar so your guests can be their own mixologists. Along with bar basics like wine and beer, serve a signature drink, and lots of it! We love anything served out of a punch bowl garnished with seasonal ingredients for an elegant addition. Pre-mix batches of your signature drink ahead of time and store in the fridge for quick and easy refilling.

Use your WHITES. Food is colorful and can easily look busy on a table. Use all white platters and cake stands to serve your food and dessert at your next party and your table will look chic no matter what you serve.

Organization (and lists!) are the keys to making hosting a breeze. Have 90% of your prep work done by the time your guests arrive; Pre-slice your bar fruit, pull and label all serving platters and have as much cooking done as possible. 

Be sure the dishwasher is empty and trash bags are available for easy cleanup.

When guests arrive be sure there is music playing, cocktails flowing and something to nibble on.  

Change into your favorite outfit a few minutes before guests are supposed to arrive, pour yourself a glass of bubbly, relax and enjoy the evening!